199 Flags

199 Flags

Orith Kolodny  (Autor)
Journey around the world through 199 flags! This striking visual book explores the shapes, figures, and colors of flag design.

a national flag features vertical stripes or horizontal ones, two
colors or more, symbols drawn from nature or from history-each detail of
its design is intentional and loaded with meaning.

Graphic designer Orith Kolodny demystifies the recurring colors and visual components of national flags.
Through the study of flag design, this book shows that countries with
vastly different climates and cultures often have more in common than
one might expect.

This book is:

* Organized by design rather than geography

Divided into categories such as stripes, diagonal lines, triangles,
circles, crosses, and natural forms (like suns, moons, stars, and trees)

* A stylish introduction to the iconography of independence

199 Flags explores the meaning behind each flag in an entertaining and accessible way.

a captivating combination of design theory and world history, you'll
learn how to decode the symbols and interpret shapes of flags through a
designer's eye.

* A perfect gift for dads, designers, travelers, geography nerds, and history buffs

* Learn about our world in a unique way that prioritizes design and meaning over rote memorization.

* Great for fans of Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities by David Airey, The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman, Flags of the World by Sylvie Bednar, and Draplin Design Co. by Aaron James Draplin
Tarne: 2-4 nädalat
24,49 €
Apollo Klubi hind: 23,27 €
Saadavus kauplustes
  • Tootekood: 9781452182650
  • Ribakood: 9781452182650
  • Lisamise aeg: 05.05.2020
  • Autor: Orith Kolodny
  • Kirjastus: Chronicle Books
  • Ilmumisaasta: 05.05.2020
  • Raamatu formaat: Kõvakaaneline
  • Lehekülgi: 304

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