7 Steps to Strong : Get Fit. Boost Your Mood. Kick Start Your Confidence

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Strong Body = Strong Mind. Lisa Lanceford´s life was transformed through the power of fitness. The daily habit of working out and eating better led to improvements in her mood, confidence and personal relationships. Today she feels strong, loves her body and is happier at home and work.

Written with Lisa´s characteristic warmth, accessibility and humour, and founded in nutritional science, 7 Steps to Strong outlines her essential advice for readers in an easy-to-follow guide. Includes tips on:

- Weight Training and how to build muscle (and fight stereotypes/misconceptions of femininity)
- Fat Loss and the myths around losing ´weight´
- Daily HIIT schedules, nutrition and mood-boosting workouts
- Gym-free alternatives and home fitness
- How to unlock confidence, de-stress and conquer anxiety
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