Berkshire in Photographs

Berkshire in Photographs

Jim Hellier  (Autor)
Recognised as a Royal County in 1957, Berkshire is renowned for its monarchical splendour with Windsor Castle forming the backdrop to many historic, ceremonial events and occasions, but what about the other highlights of this southern shire? In 'Berkshire in Photographs', local professional photographer Jim Hellier, captures the spirit, essence and identity of the county in a series of superb images.

Berkshire covers an area of 487 square miles, and has three main arteries running through it: the M4 motorway, the River Thames, and the Kennet and Avon Canal. The River Thames forms the boundary on the northern side of the county, and both the Thames and the Kennet and Avon Canal have their industrial heritage and are now leisure attractions.

'Berkshire in Photographs' highlights the immense variety of places and landmarks to be discovered within the county. There are towns such as Maidenhead, Windsor and Marlow; small villages including Aldworth and Stanford Dingley; beauty spots along the River Thames and Kennet and Avon Canal, together with the glorious countryside of the Berkshire Downs. Jim Hellier starts his photographic journey in East Berkshire, with Windsor and Eton, venturing to Lambourn in the west and the county town of Reading in the middle. This stunning visual treasury reflects the countless gems and contrasting landscapes of Berkshire throughout the seasons.
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