Dress Your Best Life: Harness the Power of Clothes To Transform Your Life

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Do you know what your clothes say about you? What we wear is a visual expression of our inner selves. Our clothes affect how we feel about ourselves and how people see us. How you dress matters.

In Dress Your Best Life, fashion psychologist Dawnn Karen reveals why we choose the clothes we do and explains how to dress to match or lift your mood. As a qualified therapist, designer, fashion PR and former model, Karen understands better than anyone the intimate relationship between what you wear and how you feel. From clients like Paul who want to revive his tired office wardrobe but keep going back to the same khaki trousers and light yellow shirt (his old school uniform) to Lindsey, whose ´mum uniform´ of yoga pants and a baggy t-shirt eclipsed her sense of style when she became a first-time mum, Karen helps people overcome their wardrobe hang-ups.

Drawing on cutting edge research and real-life case studies, Karen shows you how to harness the power of clothes to change your life. The book will teach you how to:

- match or lift your mood with your clothes

- reduce anxiety through colour choices

- maintain your cultural identity

- project power at home and work

Enter the world of fashion psychology and Karen will help take your look - and your life - to the next level.

Dawnn Karen is a pioneer in the Fashion Psychology Field. She holds a master´s degree in counselling psychology from Columbia University´s Teaching College and she is a qualified therapist. She is a former model and fashion public relations representative and designer.
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