Better You Than Me

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It´s Freaky Friday meets Hannah Montana when two twelve-year-old girls--one a famous TV star, the other an obsessive fan--switch bodies with hilarious and disastrous results.

Ruby Rivera is a twelve-year-old superstar with millions of followers. Skylar Welshman is a seventh grader who wants to be cool--and she´s Ruby´s biggest fan. When Skylar and Ruby meet on the set of Ruby´s hit show, Ruby of the Lamp, and wish they could switch places . . . it happens!

Now Ruby is living Skylar´s life--going to a normal school, eating fro-yo, sleeping in, texting boys . . . it´s amazing. And being Ruby is even better than Skylar imagined--her fancy closet is huge, everyone wants to be her friend, and she gets to spend every day with Ryder Vance, her dreamy costar. Life is a blast!

But when Ruby finds herself dealing with mean girls and Skylar discovers that being a celebrity isn´t all red-carpet glamour, the girls start to wonder if being yourself isn´t so bad after all. Can they swap bodies again? Or are they stuck being each other forever?
Product is sold out!