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Critical Memetic Literacies in English Education: How Do You Meme?

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This edited collection introduces English and literacy educators to the theoretical, research-based, and practical dimensions of using digital memetic texts—"memes"—in the classroom. Digital memetic texts come with new affordances, particularly as avenues for student creativity, voice, and advocacy. But these texts can also be put to manipulative, propagandistic, and nefarious purposes, posing critical challenges to an informed, democratic citizenry. Grounded in multimodality and critical literacy, this book investigates the fascinating digital dimension of texts, audiences, and meaning, and considers how English educators might take up these conversations in practical ways with students. With authentic examples from teachers and students, this volume provides a roadmap to researchers and educators—both pre-service and in-service—interested in critical and productive uses of these modern phenomena.
Product is sold out!