Apollo Club FAQ

  • How do people who don’t have an e-mail address get bonuses?

    The gifts received can also be seen in the client’s cinema, Apollo stores and APP customer accounts and they can be used via these accounts without the need for an e-mail address.
  • What happens if the e-mail address given by the client is incorrect?

    All valid gift cards and bonuses are sent to the client’s new e-mail address after the address has been updated in the database.
  • What if the client does not have a smart phone or printer?

    There are public internet cafés and printing centres where people can use printers. Apollo does not offer printing services.
  • How do I get the €5 gift card that was given to me as a present?

    The gift card will be e-mailed to you the next morning. You can also see it after logging in to your customer account (on our website or in the app).
  • Can I use the €5 gift card to pay for all products and services?

    You cannot use the gift card to pay for gift cards, but you can use it to buy all other products and services.
  • Can the €5 gift card be printed out and used this way?

  • Can the €5 gift card be used the day after its expiry?

    No, it automatically becomes invalid.
  • When a client prints out the gift card, is the expiry date of the card on it?

    The expiry date of the card is shown on it and it is valid until 23:59 on the given date.
  • If a client buys products for €200, do they get one or two gift cards?

    They get two gift cards. One €5 gift card is given for every €100 spent.
  • Are purchased gift cards included in the €100?

    No. Gift cards are only included in the €100 if they were used to pay for the purchase.
  • Does the collection of €100 in order to get a €5 gift card as a present have an expiry date?

    No, it does not have an expiry date. As soon as €100 has been collected, the calculation starts again from 0.
  • When a client has three €5 gift cards, what does the purchase amount have to be so they can be used?

    The minimum purchase amount for which a €5 gift card can be used is 15 euros. All three gift cards can be used at the same time.
  • Can the €5 gift card be used by someone other than the client who received it as a present?

    Yes, the €5 gift card can be given to another person.
  • Are gift cards and gifts e-mailed to clients also at weekends?

    Yes, if the amounts/quantities required for receiving the gift are achieved on a weekend, an e-mail about this is automatically e-mailed to the client.
  • Does the client have to subscribe to newsletters to receive the gift?

    No, this is not necessary.
  • If a child comes and says that his or her mother is a client, will he or she then get the bonus?

    Unfortunately not. All clients must be identified on the basis of identity documents.
  • Is there an age limit for registering as a client?

    No, but a minor must have a parent’s written permission to register as a client.
  • If a family has a joint income, why can’t they use the bonus jointly?

    Apollo Club members must be identified on the basis of identity documents. The status of Apollo Club member and the received gifts are personal.
  • What happens if the client does not have an ID card, or they don’t have it with them when they make a purchase?

    We also accept other identity documents for registration if they contain the person’s ID code, photo and name (driver’s licence, student card, passport, pension certificate). We cannot give bonuses on the basis of a name or bankcard only.
  • Will a client get the bonus if they tell you their ID code?

    No. We need to see a document with the ID code, name and photo.
  • What should be done if a client passes their document on to the person behind them in the queue, so they can get the bonus?

    The registered client should make the purchase themselves to get the bonus.
  • Can a gift card be activated if I read the code to the shop assistant?

    No, the shop assistant needs the QR code. Clients can enter the code themselves in the online store.
  • Can a client get the code of the free product or gift card straight from the app?

    Yes, the code (QR code) can be obtained from the app.
  • Is it possible to log in and read the barcode for getting the bonus/gift on the client computers at stores?

    The QR code can only be read with the barcode readers at checkouts.
  • Does the Apollo Club also extend to corporate customers?

    Corporate customers are eligible for separate corporate customer bonuses. They should contact a corporate customer administrator to receive them.

Apollo Cinema

  • When do the tickets sent to Star Club members on their transfer to the Apollo Club expire?

    The tickets are valid for six months as of the date they were sent to the clients.
  • Will it still be possible to use the ID code to log in to the cinema page?

    At present, the ID code can be used for logging in on both pages.
  • Can the gift tickets be also used by school groups?

    The cinema tickets received as gifts CANNOT be used for special offers and special events. This means that if a group has already received a bonus, they cannot use the Apollo Club bonus at the same time.
  • Solaris Cinema had the Badge collection – will there be something similar in the Apollo Club as well?

    Not at the moment.
  • Will the VIP bonuses of the Solaris card continue?

    No, this is a new company and the bonuses given by the previous company are no longer valid.
  • What happens with the gift cards issued by Solaris Cinema that are still valid?

    They can be used until their expiry in the Apollo Cinema in Solaris.
  • Can I use a free cinema ticket earned at the cinema in Tallinn to visit the Apollo Cinema in Pärnu and vice versa?

  • Will I still be able to review which movies I bought tickets for in the past?



  • What will happen with the existing Blender stamp cards that have already been stamped six times?

    Can they be added to the customer account? The existing stamps cannot be added to the customer account. The existing stamp cards can be used separately until the expiry date shown on the card.
  • Does the free drink option apply to all drinks in Blender?

    Yes, with the exception of alcoholic drinks.
  • Can I register as a client when I visit Blender?

  • How do I prove my client status?

    You must present an identity document with your ID code, photo and name.
  • If I have a stamp card, does it mean that I am automatically eligible for all bonuses of the Apollo Club?

  • Kas 5 € kinkekaardi saamiseks pean 100 € kulutama ainult Blenderis?

    Ei, summa arvestatakse Blenderi, kaupluste ja kinode peale kokku.
  • Do I have to spend €100 only in Blender to get the €5 gift card?

    No, the amount is calculated on all purchases made in Blender, shops and cinemas.
  • Can I be a client of Blender only if I’m not interested in the cinema and shops?

    Yes, clients are not obliged to visit the cinema or shops. We will also not send the separate newsletters of the cinema and shops if they have not been requested.
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