Laulev revolutsioon. DVD

Laulev revolutsioon. DVD

Singing Revolution
First occupied by the Soviets in 1939, then by the Nazis, and then by the Soviets again, Estonia lived through decades of terror. By the end of World War II, more than one-quarter of the population had been deported to Siberia, been executed, or had fled the country. Music sustained the Estonian people during those years, and was such a crucial part of their struggle for freedom that their successful bid for independence is known as the Singing Revolution.

In 1999, Tusty and his wife and co-producer Maureen lived in Tallinn, Estonia, while teaching film production at an Estonian University. The experience sparked their interest in the Singing Revolution, and in 2001 they returned to Estonia to teach and also to begin the meticulous research that would anchor their documentary.

To make the film, the Tustys interviewed more than forty movement leaders, Estonian statesmen, and average citizens. They also combed through archives around the world...unearthing rare, forgotten footage of life under Soviet rule.
Four years in the making, The Singing Revolution is a moving, intensely human testament to the sustaining power of hope and the motivating strength of song. The film reflects the indomitable human drive for personal freedom, political independence, and self-determination.

Empaatiaga jutustatud dokumentaalfilm Eesti taasiseseisvumise protsessist. Film võtab ühelt poolt kokku eestlaste dramaatilise ajaloo ja tõuseb teiselt poolt hümniks meie kultuurile. Lugu inimkonna püüdlusest vabaduse ja enesemääramise õiguse poole, terve rahvuse lugu, tavaliste inimeste lugu, kes ei kaotanud lootust kõigi okupatsiooniaastate kestel ja kelle sügaval hoitud rahvustunne aitas Nõukogude impeeriumi lammutada. Filmi autorid näevad laulvas revolutsioonis Euroopa ajaloo pöördepunkti.

Film on inglisekeelne, eesti- ja venekeelsete subtiitritega.

DVD formaat / Format: PAL
NOTE: Will not play in North American/NTSC DVD Players.
Shipping : 7-14 workdays
Saadavus kauplustes
  • Original title: Singing Revolution
  • Product code: 0990642
  • Added: Feb 20, 2008
  • Barcode: 4741281320642
  • Year of publication: 2008
  • Movie format: DVD
  • Audio: inglise, eesti
  • Length: 95 min
  • Producer: James Tusty, Maureen Castle Tusty
  • Size: 190x135
  • Subtitles: eesti, inglise, vene, prantsuse, hollandi, saksa, hispaania

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