Motive X

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He strikes at random. His motive unknown. No one is safe... Helsingborg police must solve the unsolveable. A wave of apparently random homicides is sweeping through their idyllic seaside town. The murders have no pattern, no order, no reason. The perpetrator is immune to psychological profiling; forensically untraceable; utterly invulnerable to modern police techniques.

The body count is growing. But lead investigator Fabian Risk is distracted by his mission to expose a corrupt colleague, and his boss Astrid is spiralling back into addiction. As the hunt for the solution becoming ever more desperate, their tight-knit team begins to unravel...

Motive X is both an explosive, multi-layered thriller and a fearless exploration of the darkest side of human nature. To enter Stefan Ahnhem´s world, with its interwoven plotlines and sprawling cast of characters, is to put yourself in the hands of a master storyteller.

The story continues in X Ways to Die, available May 2020.


´Atmospheric and complicated [...] with great cop characters and some imaginatively grisly perps´ Sunday Times (star pick).

´More gripping than Jo Nesbo, blacker than Stieg Larsson and more bleakly human than Henning Mankell´ Tony Parsons.

´Epic in scale and ambition´ Daily Mail.

´An intense journey, with an intricate plot ... Ahnhem has mastered atmosphere, pacing and intrigue´ Crime Review.

´Masterly plotting, grisly murders and chilling suspense: Stefan Ahnhem keeps the threads of this complex, two-country narrative pulled tense´ Better Reading.
Product is sold out!