My Shit Therapist: and Other Mental Health Stories

My Shit Therapist: and Other Mental Health Stories

This is not a story about breakdown and recovery.

This is a story about the day-to-day reality of living with depression and mental illness.

When Michelle Thomas suffered her first major depressive episode in 2013, she read and watched and listened to everything she could get her immaculately-manicured hands on in an effort to fix herself. God, it was tedious. Painfully earnest, bone-dry material, that read more like messages of condolence than support. Frankly, it was depressing, which is the last thing she needed. Now, this is her riposte. My Shit Therapist is an honest account of living with mental illness, which mimics the frank, honest and - dare we say? - funny interactions Michelle has had with her friends and followers about madness, medication, and making the most of a misbehaving brain.

Michelle isn't here to preach about a miraculous, scented-candles-and-yoga-retreats cure for your mental health problems. Instead, she draws on her own experience, and weaves through stories from her online community, to offer insight and support to fellow sufferers and those who know them.

From medication and therapy to mates and dates, this book offers advice and tricks to help you navigate the world and understand the social constructs that can contribute to mental ill health. It also shares the contents of Michelle's mental health toolbox to show you how she prepares for the storm in moments of calm. Following in the footsteps of Mad Girl, Reasons To Stay Alive, and Remember This When You're Sad, My Shit Therapist, is a fresh, fierce and funny addition to the ongoing conversation about mental health.
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  • Product code: 9781788701907
  • Barcode: 9781788701907
  • Added: May 2, 2019
  • Author: Michelle Thomas
  • Publishing company: Bonnier Books Ltd
  • Year of publication: 02.05.2019
  • Book format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 272

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