Nordic Light. Lighter, Everyday Eating from a Scandinavian Kitchen (S.Bajada) KK

Nordic Light. Lighter, Everyday Eating from a Scandinavian Kitchen

Nordic Light is a follow-up to Simon´s successful first title, The New Nordic. In this new Nordic style, vegetаbles and their method of preparation are paramount (though, of course, meat does still feature). Generally it is three or four components brought together to create a light dish, whether it be a cold salad, topped with a sauce, or a half-submerged broth. It is different to the first book in that this title is more about light, clever, clean, simple, modern and delicious food. Nordic classics are being omitted and rather than keeping the ingredients list entirely Northern European, Simon has included food from all cuisines.

Some recipe examples include: rye crepes with banana and salted caramel; cauliflower and buckwheat cakes with spiced tofu scramble; gravlax and iceberg sandwich with salad, ymerdrys; flourless almond tea fibre balls rolled in pollen and hemp; icelandic flatbread served with cashew cream and caviar; flourless matcha millet and blueberry buns; raw cinammon balls; kelp noodles with smoked mackerel, radish, elderflower vinaigrette; quinoa caviar, fresh cheese and green salad; salmon carpaccio and cucumber waldorf; homemade nutella; red cabbage chutney; and one-sided salmon with autumn slaw. As with The New Nordic, Simon´s stunning photography and styling is a standout feature, with landscape shots featuring the seasons.

About the Author

Simon Bajada is an internationally acclaimed chef, photographer and food stylist. Originally from Melbourne, he now lives in Sweden with his Scandinavian wife and two sons. Simon met his wife while working in a kitchen in Stockholm, and his interest in the food of her homeland grew form there. He got a sense of the produce used and the balance of flavours - a long time before contemporary Nordic cuisine was understood by the international culinary community as it is today.

He says he has found parallels in new Nordic and contemporary Australian food. While the taste differs due to ingredients, the idea of balance, technique and produce is mirrored in both cultures. While new Nordic cuisine seems only to use Northern European ingredients, Simon says that this is changing, slowly incorporating bits and pieces from all over the world. Nordic Light is about exploring the results of that process - looking at how an isolated food culture is developing international flare.

Simon´s first book, The New Nordic, was published in April 2015. He says he is inspired by the newness in thinking of Nordic chefs because it´s easier for them to break the rules than say an Italian or French chef - as they are not restricted by the idea of "how it is meant to be".
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  • Year of publication: 2017
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