The Fame Game Celebrity Trump Cards

Celebrity Trump Cards
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Who’s the biggest diva, Maddy or Gaga? Who would win a trump dust-up between Harry Styles and Ryan Gosling? And who’s got the most Instagram followers, Beyoncé or Oprah? 32 celebrity trump cards tell you who’s up and who’s down, who’s hot and who’s not. The stars are rated for number of followers online, style, notoriety, longevity, sex factor and net worth. Stage the battle of the world’s biggest celebrities with this quick-draw celebrity trump game. About the Author Helen Rochester is a London-based writer and editor. Her celebrity knowledge has been finely honed over many years spent reading Heat Magazine. Michael Gillette has been a commercial artist since 1992. Music has always been the central inspiration to his work, and a love of all things psychedelic led to his relocation from London to San Francisco in 2001.
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Product is sold out!