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Toode on läbimüüdud!
Zimbabwe, 1994. A group of children spot peculiar lights in the sky over the grounds of their school.
From this moment on, six young people´s lives are changed forever.
Gary hides the anguish he feels now his mum´s left, acting out in fury and hatred. Chloe has no words for the thing she fears most every day. Karl is the headmaster´s son, now fallen from grace. Tendai knows he can never live up to his grieving father´s ideals. And Sixpence watches all, knowing he´ll never be like these other children. All of them have seen something they can´t explain.
In amongst these tangled, tortured lives, comes a group of psychologists to verify the spookily similar claims of every witness. Their daughter, Holly, can tell there´s more to it than aliens or mass hysteria - can she reveal the dark truths that haunt them?
Inspired by true accounts, this is the long-awaited new novel from Costa-award-winner Jason Wallace.
Toode on läbimüüdud!