Estonians´ liberation way

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This history book summarizes chronologically and step-by-step the historic years, in which Estonian independence was restored and the country liberated from Soviet occupation. Estonians managed to skillfully take advantage of the power struggle going on between the Kremlin’s communist dictators, steer through the treacherous reefs set up by the occupying power, and ignore its threats.

By exploiting the breakup of the Soviet empire, Estonians were able to achieve freedom, independence, and the right to self-determination for the second time in a century. Bloodless revenge was exacted from the aggressive conqueror beyond the eastern border for the half a century of colonization and humiliation it had endured.

Author Tiit Made is one of 69 former members of the Estonian Supreme Soviet who voted in favor of Estonian independence on 20 August 1991. He holds a PhD in economics, worked as an assistent professor in colleges and institutes, a diplomat, a foreign-affairs and economics commentator on radio and television, and was active in Estonian politics following the restoration of independence. He served as Vice-Chairman of the Estonian Supreme Council Committee on Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the Riigikogu Committee on Economic Affairs. During the stormy years of the USSR’s collapse, he was also a member of the Congress of People’s Deputies of the Soviet Union and of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the USSR Supreme Soviet in Moscow
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