How to be Famous

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Why be a nobody when you can be famous?

Johanna Morrigan (AKA music journo ´Dolly Wilde´) has a problem - her unrequited love, singer-songwriter John Kite, has become an unlikely heartthrob to the Britpop masses. He has become an unlikely Number One pin-up. And what´s more painful than unrequited love? Unrequited love with someone the whole world wants too!

Johanna decides to use everything she´s observed about the perils of fame to write a genius monthly column for Britain´s coolest magazine, The Face. After all, she knows a bit about this cooler-than-thou-elite - she lives in Camden; has interviewed 3/4 of Blur already - and Liam Gallagher once bummed a fag off her! Plus she´s now part of fierce rising indie maverick Suzanne Banks of The Branks´ inner circle.

She even had a one-night stand with Jerry Sharp, a famous comedian, although that was mainly because ´it would make a great anecdote´. But with her own star rising fast now, that one looks like it´s going to come back to seriously haunt her...

Caitlin Moran´s riotous new novel HOW TO BE FAMOUS - sequel to the Sunday Times Number One bestseller HOW TO BUILD A GIRL - is a filthy, funny coming of age tale set in the boozy, hedonistic London of Britpop, where fame is not always the shortcut to happiness that it promises to be.
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