HOW TO PAY TAXES IN ESTONIA? Company start-up and taxation in Estonia

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This book includes examples and comments and gives answers to many of the following questions:

  • How to register a company in Estonia?
  • Which taxes should the undertaking consider?
  • What are the labour force tax costs and terms and conditions of entering into employment contracts?
  • Where and how shall I and my employees become covered by health insurance?
  • Which invoices should have VAT included and which should not?
  • What is a deductible VAT or input VAT?
  • Is it possible and how is it possible to use personal automobile for work appointments exempt from tax and vice versa?
  • When can I draw profit from my company?
  • What are the tax exempt limits of different transactions (gifts, costs of entertaining guests, mission expenses, etc)?
  • Can I and how can I compensate myself mission expenses?
  • What is considered a fringe benefit in Estonia and how are they taxed?
  • Which transactions involve tax risks?
  • Who are the persons associated to my company and what should I know when I conclude transactions with them?

This book is compiled based on legislation valid in Estonia in 2011. All limits and examples are in euros. The publication also includes more important international taxation topics: VAT, how to avoid double taxation in distributing profit, charging taxes on non-resident.
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