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Hybrid Metal Additive Manufacturing: Technology and Applications

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The text presents the latest research and development, technical challenges, and future directions in the field of hybrid metal additive manufacturing. It further discusses the modeling of hybrid additive manufacturing processes for metals, hybrid additive manufacturing of composite materials, and low-carbon hybrid additive manufacturing processes. •Presents cutting-edge advancements and limitations in hybrid additive manufacturing technologies. • Discusses fabrication methods and rapid tooling techniques focusing on metals, composites, and alloys. •Highlights the importance of Low carbon additive manufacturing technologies towards achieving sustainability. •Emphasizes the challenges and solutions for integrating additive manufacturing and industry 4.0 to enable rapid manufacturing of customized and tailored products. • Covers hybrid additive manufacturing of composite materials, and additive manufacturing for fabricating high hardness components. The text discusses the recent advancements in additive manufacturing of high-hardness components and covers important engineering materials such as metals, alloys, and composites. It further highlights defects and post-processing of hybrid additive manufacturing components, sustainability solutions for hybrid additive manufacturing processes, and recycling of machining waste into metal powder feedstock. It will serve as an ideal reference text for senior undergraduate, graduate students, and researchers in fields including mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, manufacturing engineering, and production engineering.
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