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Literary Wonderlands. A Journey Through the Greatest Fictional Worlds Ever Created

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Imaginary worlds have captivated readers since the first works of literature . Lovingly researched and beautifully produced, Literary Wonderlands explores the timeless , captivating features of literature´s greatest fictional worlds and the minds that created them. The book is comprised of nearly 100 sections, each of which details the plot of a famous fantasy world, the historical circumstances that surrounded its production , the author´s inspiration, and the place it holds in the public imagination. Roaming from classic tales including C.S. Lewis´ The Chronicles of Narnia to Philip Pullman´s His Dark Materials , t his truly global collection chronicles over two thousand years of literary creation. Accompanied by stunning visuals that elucidate the production of each wor k, Literary Wonderlands is a n enchanting read for anyone who has ever been transported to another place through the power of the written word
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