Dress [with] sense

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Dress [with] Sense is the perfect guide for fashion lovers of all ages keen to embrace a more ethical and environment-friendly approach to their wardrobes that is also economical, stylish and practical. This timely book is organised into four chapters - ´Buy´, ´Wear´, ´Care´ and ´Dispose´ - each containing a short introduction with essential information followed by practical tips and illustrated case studies to help you make the first step towards a more sustainable wardrobe.

It concludes with a rich reference section recommending not only the best ethical fashion labels and collections but also eco-friendly fabrics, standards and certifications, cleaning methods, renting, swapping and recycling initiatives, and much more.

Here is finally the ideal ´green´ and fashion-focused complement to the decluttering craze started by Marie Kondo´s best-selling The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying.
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