Exhibit Alexandra

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Alexandra Southwood: a devoted mother, a talented artist and now a missing wife.
Marc´s world is seemingly perfect, complete with two daughters and a loving wife. Until the day she vanishes.
Police, friends and family pull together to find Alex but their hopes quickly turn into a nightmare as the missing person case becomes a murder investigation.

But Marc refuses to accept his wife is dead and embarks on his own frantic search which leads him into the heart of the art world that so gripped his wife.

Meanwhile, in a locked room, news clips of the police investigation and the family´s grief are played out in front of a terrified woman. It is Alex. As the weeks pass all she can do is torment herself with images of her family´s life without her.

As Marc begins to piece together hidden parts of Alex´s life, he begins to question whether he really knew her at all . . .

But this is Alex´s story.
Товар распродан!