Kunstiteaduslikke Uurimusi, 2018/1–3 (27)

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Ingliskeelne erinumber „Representing Art History in the Baltic Countries: Experiences and Prospects”

Tojana Račiūnaitė. The Art History of Invisible Originals, or ‘When Shadows Talk…’, 10–29

Jolita Mulevičiūtė. Hunting for the Phantom, or the Prospects of Studying Nineteenth-Century Lithuanian Art, 30–45

Kristiāna Ābele. The Baltic-Latvian Family Tree of Artists’ Dictionaries in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, between Amateurism and ‘High’ Art History, 46–75

Baiba Vanaga. Women Artists and their Work as a Subject of Exhibition Reviews in Latvia: The 1840s–1915, 76–106

Bart Pushaw. Living Stones and Other Beings: Earthen Ecologies within Baltic Visual Culture, 1860–1915, 107–129

Ieva Kalnača. The Manifestations of Orientalism in Latvian Architecture and Art during the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century and First Third of the Twentieth Century as a Versatile Research Platform, 130–152

Laima Laučkaitė. Our Alien Legacy: German Art during World War I in Vilnius, 153–173

Ieva Astahovska. Visionary Worlds of the Cold War, 174–192

Jüri Kermik. Time and Place: Young Estonian Designers in the 1980s, 193–222

Agnė Narušytė. Post Ars Photo Performances: Material for Research or a Work of Art?, 223–249

Julija Fomina. How to Represent a Present? Constructing the Notion of ‘the Contemporary’ in Lithuanian Art Exhibitions of the Last Decade of the Twentieth Century, 250–264

Linara Dovydaitytė. The Problem of Public Participation in Art Museums, 265–280


Artist’s Personality in Latvia’s Art-Historical Monographs since the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century. Stella Pelše, 281–287

Art History of Latvia: Some Editorial Comments on a Project in Progress after Publishing Volume V Period of Classical Modernism and Traditionalism. 1915–1940. Eduards Kļaviņš, 288–292
Доставка 7-14 рабочих дней
11,35 €
Обычная цена: 11,95 €
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