Stranger Than We Can Imagine

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It is the century about which we know too much, yet understand too little. With disorientating ideas such as relativity, cubism, the id, existentialism, chaos mathematics and postmodernism to contend with, the twentieth century, John Higgs argues, cannot fit easily into a traditional historical narrative. Time, then, for a new perspective.

Higgs takes us on a refreshingly eclectic journey through the knotty history of the strangest of centuries. In the company of radical artists, scientists, geniuses and eccentrics, he shows us how the elegant, clockwork universe of the Victorians became increasingly woozy and uncertain; and how in the twentieth century we discovered that our world is not just stranger than we imagine, but ´stranger than we can imagine´.

About the Author

John Higgs is the author I Have America Surrounded: The Life of Timothy Leary, The KLF: Chaos, MAgic and The Band Who Burned A Million Pounds and the novel The Brandy of the Damned. He lives in Brighton with his partner and their two children.
Товар распродан!