The Intimate Animal : Why we´ve evolved to live and die for love

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A scientific exploration of love, sex and fidelity and why we choose the partners that we do.

Dr. Justin Garcia is a world-leading expert on the science of love and sex. In his first ever book, he reveals our intimacy instincts. He explores how the tensions between our competing evolved desires for love and sex explain the heartache and heartbreak of our romantic and sexual lives.

He uses compelling case studies, revealing his cutting-edge findings and offering practical tips on love and attraction - two biological systems which are often in painful conflict. For example, over 50% of couples decide to stay together after infidelity and over 30% of people surveyed have fallen in love with people they didn´t initially like. He explains how these tensions play out in today´s digital age in complex ways, and that we are now in a global intimacy crisis because sex can be digitized but love cannot.

The Intimate Animal offers us the first evolutionary understanding of the entire life course of our intimate relationships - how we date, mate, break, and remake our love lives.
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