The Screen Music of Trevor Jones: Technology, Process, Production

Ian Sapiro  (Autor)
Trevor Jones is one of the most successful contemporary British-based composers of film and television music and is seen by his peers as an influential figure in the industry. He is distinguished by the range and volume of high profile projects he has worked on, the directors with whom he has collaborated, and his development of novel approaches to the creation of film music. Jones has been active in an industry that has experienced a prolonged period of major technological change, including the switchover from analogue to digital production and post-production techniques, and developments in computer software for score production and sound recording/editing. He has been in the vanguard in his use of such technology and continues to operate at the forefront of the profession. Drawing on the resources in the Trevor Jones Archive at the University of Leeds, Cooper, Sapiro and Anderson undertake a critical investigation of Jones's career and output from his time at the National Film School to the present. The study analyses the development of Jones's working practices over time, notably with respect to technological advances, evaluating key phases in his career within the context of changes in both the British and global film- and television-music industries. Through the lens of Jones's scoring projects, the book also considers matters of the film-score production process (in the UK and more widely), the impact of technology on film-score composition, and the nature and value of audio-visual archives.
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