The Seven Moods of Craft Beer: 350 great Craft Beers from Around the World

350 Classic Modern Beers You Must Try
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This is arguably the most exciting time ever in the world of beer. Craft beer and brewing have shaken up the world of beer, brought new drinkers in, inspired home brewers throughout the world to go professional and produced a whole ѕelection of beers with bold flavours and aromas - from Buenos Aires to Boston, from Portland to Hong Kong, chances are you´ll find a craft beer.

This book brings together the best 350 new craft beers and then divides them into seven imaginative categories, each associated with a different mood: social, adventurous, poetic, bucolic, imaginative, gastronomic, and contemplative. Adrian Tierney-Jones, one of the world´s most respected and successful beer writers, has ѕelected and reviewed each beer. Every beer is here because it should be and not because it is drunk by everyone in the world or has an iconic brand. This is a book that represents the best of current brewing and beer culture throughout the world. And it is a book to take on your travels.

Alongside the descriptions of each beer, the book contains a wealth of useful additional information about beer culture, such as the best American bars, the best beer festivals to visit, the classic books to read, how to learn more about beer, the best rural pubs in the UK, and the principles of matching beer with food.
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