Twenty Dinosaurs at Bedtime

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Mixing dinosaurs, counting and bedtime, children will
love this brilliantly fun board book with a shiny silver foiled

Once upon a bedtime, these children could not sleep,

so their helpful mums and daddies said that they should count
some sheep.

Though children think that sheep are nice, there´s something
they like more,

so instead of counting lots of sheep, they counted DINOSAURS!

What´s the best way to help little ones fall asleep?
Introduce them to super cute dinosaurs, of course! And
with stomping, laughing and mischievous dinosaurs
on every page, and a fun story showing children how to count
from one to twenty, this chunky, child-friendly board book is
set to become every child´s new favourite.

The perfect board book for children, especially dinosaur-loving

Chunky board book with shiny silver on the cover

Helps children learn how to count from one to twenty

Brilliantly fun story and beautiful, full-colour illustrations

The perfect first-gift for children

Encourages children to love counting as much as they love dinosaurs!
Tarne 3-6 nädalat
8,50 €
Tavahind: 8,95 €
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