2023 Dad Jokes Wall Calendar : 365 Days of Punbelievable Jokes

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What sticks around for 12 months and never loses its sense of humor? The Dad Jokes wall calendar!

Prepare yourself for 365 days of guaranteed laugh-out-loud, eye rolling dad jokes! In this clean and hilarious, 2023 hanging monthly calendar, you´ll find a year´s worth of groan-worthy comedy: cheesy quips, silly banter, witty one-liners, and horribly awesome puns to enjoy daily. But remember, you don´t have to be a dad to tell dad jokes!

Share endless laughs with family, new dads, friends, bosses, coworkers, or any pun lover in your life! This joke calendar makes an amazing holiday stocking stuffer, white elephant, or funny gag gift from any kid, wife, or partner. Whether it´s for Father´s Day, Christmas, birthdays, or just for a good punchline, every day is a day for dad jokes!

Additional details:

12-month funny wall calendar (January-December 2023) with over 375 hilarious dad jokes and vibrant internals
12" x 12" trim size and sturdy hole for easy hanging on a wall or fridge in your office and home
Environmentally responsible, FSC certified paper printed to high-quality on glossy stock
Ample writing space each day to stay organized and jot down important notes, tasks, and appointments, plus bonus silly "dadvice" and witty reminders
2024 calendar year at a glance
Holidays and observances
So I heard that the local bakery burned down yesterday. The business is toast.

I booked a hotel room for my vacation, but I´m not sure about it. I have reservations.

Q: What did Earth say to the other planets?

A: "You guys have no life!"
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