2023 Kalendermärkmik Paperblanks Destiny Maxi week-at-a-time horizontal

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2023 Kalendermärkmik Paperblanks LK.160; kõrgus(mm)210 laius(mm)135

This design comes from an 1893 binding housing Voltaire’s Zadig, or The Book of Fate. First published in 1747, it tells the story of Zadig, an ancient Babylonian philosopher. The book is a philosophical treatise that provides thematic inspiration for the modern detective story, including for Edgar Allan Poe’s C. Auguste Dupin.

January 2023 – December 2023

Width: 135mm (5½")
Height: 210mm (8¼")
Depth: 20mm (¾")

More features:
100% recycled binder boards
Decorative printed cover paper
FSC-certified text paper
Threaded stitching and glue, as needed
Acid-free sustainable forest paper
Monthly planner
Conversion tables
Year planner
International dialling codes
Mini calendars
International holidays
World time zones
Note-taking pages
Address book insert
Name plate
Tarne 1-3 tööpäeva
26,55 €
Tavahind: 27,95 €
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