A Road for All Seasons: From Mull to Dover

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A tumultuous period in British politics left writer Harry Bucknall questioning whether he really knew the place he called home. Propelled by a growing desire to better understand his island nation, Harry decided to undertake a pilgrimage of sorts; he embarked on a series of four walks across Britain that would mirror the changing seasons, covering a distance of nearly 1,600 miles.

From fresh and heady spring through to the gloriously crisp winter months, Harry journeyed across Britain visiting cities, towns and vast swathes of the countryside from Mull to Sunderland and Aberystwyth to Lowestoft, meeting a host of diverse and charismatic characters along the way as he strove to uncover the beating heart of the nation.

Uplifting, joyous and charming, A Road for All Seasons is a vivid, social and cultural snapshot of 21st-century Britain. Focusing as much on the beauty of the fertile land as the people who inhabit it, it explores a unique culture, its folklore both past and present, as well as the wealth of the nation´s history and heritage. Exquisitely written and filled with delightful people and places, this is Harry´s ardent tribute to the British Isles.
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