DK Seville & Andalusia Eyewitness 2008

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Seville is one of the world´s most enchanting cities - and this DK Eyewitness Travel Guide captures its charm perfectly through hundreds of photographs, maps and unique architectural drawings.

With cutaways, floor plans, and 3-D aerial views, this updated and expanded edition provides full details of all the sights and districts in Seville and throughout Andalusia - including the Alhambra and Gibraltar.

Four great days out of sightseeing, two specially devised walking tours through narrow streets, small squares and sumptuous courtyards, stunning photography, maps and illustrations ensure that whether you are visiting on a short stay or just want a flavour of the city, you won’t miss a thing.

Discover where the locals go, enjoy relaxing entertainment, amazing museums, monuments, places of worship, retail therapy, beautiful parks, scenic walks, mouth-watering tapas and lively flamenco. All you need for an unforgettable trip.
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