Empire's End - A Roman Story (Voices #4)

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A gripping Roman adventure told by a young North African girl who
sets out on a danger-filled journey to Britain.

When, Camilla, a young North African girl travels with her mother
and father from Leptis Magna to Rome in 207 AD, she believes that
she is going to the centre of the world. But just a few months
later, the little family is dispatched to the very edge of it: Britannica.
Tragedy strikes and, left alone with the Empress while
her father travels north, Camilla has to navigate the tricky world
of secrets and danger in this cold place she must now call home.

In this heart-stopping adventure based on real historical events,
Leila Rasheed shows us a dangerous and intriguing time in Britain
that's sure to fascinate young readers.

VOICES: A thrilling series showcasing some of the UK's finest writers
for young people. Voices reflects the authentic, unsung stories
of our past. Each shows that, even in times of great upheaval,
a myriad of people have arrived on this island and made a home
for themselves - from Roman times to the present day.
Tarne 3-6 nädalat
8,54 €
Tavahind: 8,99 €
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