Bizarre - Necro LP

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A side:
01. Waters (04:30)
02. Any Day (04:30)
03. Summer Rain (03:13)
04. Rentboy (04:16)
05. Never Ever (03:32)
B side:
01. Laizy Sun (02:34)
02. Barcode Warrior 12 (04:18)
03. Leatherette (04:33)
04. International Love Affair (03:55)
05. Super Satex Baby (03:30)

Seksound records has become the curator of Bizarre’s catalog for some time, re-releasing
both the debut album Beautica and their sophomore album Café de Flor. Now Seksound is
releasing a set of recordings not yet heard in the form of an album. Recorded and mixed
between 1997 and 1998, Necro is the third full-length album on the Seksound label. Ten
tracks in total, a few of the songs from the release appeared on compilations throughout
the years while others have yet to be heard by fans.
At the time, the band consisted of Inga Jagomäe (vocals), Mart Eller (vocals), Lauri Liivak
(drums), Tristan Priimägi (guitar), and Anti Aaver (guitar). Creating a very unique and
important shoegaze and dreampop scene in Estonia along with bands such as Pia Fraus
and Picnic, Bizarre’s catalog has become historically important for the genres and now
Seksound is unearthing these tracks and filling new gaps in the Estonian scene’s musical
Never wanting to be pegged as a shoegaze or dreampop band, Bizarre always
experimented with electronics and various writing structures during the life of the band.
Necro demonstrates Bizarre’s elasticity as the tracks move from shoegaze and dreampop
infused moments to dance permeated beats and ambient textures. Eclectic yet still
sounding like the same band, from the wistful vocals of “Never Ever” to the funk infused
“International Love Affair”, Necro demonstrates the versatility of this foundational group.
Delivery 1-3 workdays
22,75 €
Regular price: 23,95 €
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