On the surface, there might be seemingly nothing that connects Bach to Be-Bop to the Beatles to Beyonce and beyond. But Clemency Burton-Hill believes fervently that music is music, made up of the same building blocks.

Following on from her bestselling book Year of Wonder, a deliciously inviting treasury of classical music to listen to every day of the year, award-winning musician, broadcaster and writer Clemency Burton-Hill brings her vast passion, enthusiasm and expertise to a whole new volume of daily delights.

With her as your guide, discover a different piece of music for every day of the year. From classical symphonies to pop songs, via sonatas, show tunes, sambas, sea shanties and soul, this is the author's ultimate playlist which she invites you to share. Her love-letter to the world of music.

Beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31, she delves into a thousand years of human history to present her readers (and listeners) with 366 diverse and life-enhancing works of music encompassing myriad genres, styles and forms along the way. With a compelling reason to listen to that particular piece on that particular day, we'll meet some extraordinary people, hear their fascinating stories and learn about the surprising parallels and connections between disparate musical forms.

As soulful as it is surprising, as engaging as it is inspiring, Year of Music is, quite simply, a delight.
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