Fashion Entrepreneurship: The Creation of the Global Fashion Business

Neri Karra  (Autor)
The fashion business permeates our lives, influencing how we perceive and express ourselves in our environment. The brands and the firms that shaped this industry have, in many ways, defined the fashion business. This book provides the first authoritative history of the global fashion industry, from its emergence to the present day, with a focus on the entrepreneurs at the nucleus of many of the world's influential brands. It shows how successive generations of entrepreneurs built and developed the brands too, democratizing access to fashion brands throughout the world.

Today, the fashion industry is going through a revolution-one that, to date, has not been written about in academic literature. If we look at history, we can predict the trajectory of the revolution that is happening today and what it means for brands and businesses that have to make necessary adjustments. This book includes case studies and interviews that Neri Karra have conducted over 10 years with designers, managers, CEOs, and influential figures in fashion. It explores the emerging culture of street style and blogging, comparing that to the dawn of the nineteenth-century fashion brands and industry.

Fashion has become a huge industry that not only affects our daily lives, but also has an impact on other non-fashion related industries. It is remarkable that so little has been written about the extraordinary people who turn fashion into a business. This book fills this void for students of fashion and the entrepreneurs that will shape the next generation of the fashion business.
Tarne: 2-4 nädalat
62,49 €
Apollo Klubi hind: 59,37 €
Saadavus kauplustes
  • Tootekood: 9781138208612
  • Ribakood: 9781138208612
  • Lisamise aeg: 30.08.2019
  • Autor: Neri Karra
  • Kirjastus: Taylor & Francis Ltd
  • Ilmumisaasta: 30.08.2019
  • Raamatu formaat: Pehmekaaneline
  • Lehekülgi: 240

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