Just My Luck

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It´s the stuff dreams are made of - a lottery win so big, it changes everything.
For fifteen years, Lexi and Jake have played the same six numbers with their friends, the Pearsons and the Heathcotes. Over dinner parties, fish & chip suppers and summer barbecues, they´ve discussed the important stuff - the kids, marriages, jobs and houses - and they´ve laughed off their disappointment when they failed to win anything more than a tenner.

But then, one Saturday night, the unthinkable happens. There´s a rift in the group. Someone doesn´t tell the truth. And soon after, six numbers come up which change everything forever.

Lexi and Jake have a ticket worth GBP18 million. And their friends are determined to claim their share of it.

Number 1 Sunday Times bestseller Adele Parks returns with a riveting look at the dark side of wealth in this gripping take on friendship, money and betrayal, and good luck gone bad...

Praise for Lies Lies Lies:

´Gripping, moving and elegantly written´ Marian Keyes

´Brilliant, moving and deeply satisfying, Parks is the queen of the domestic dark side´ Veronica Henry

´Completely addictive... superbly drawn. Fabulous´ Ruth Jones

´An utterly gripping, dark, addictive read, with characters so real, and an emotional punch so hard it left me a little winded. A brilliant page turner!´ Alice Feeney

´Compelling and suspenseful´ Catherine Isaac

´I devoured Lies, Lies, Lies... so engaging, well written. It is one of those rare books that earns the title, unputdownable´ Sally Hepworth

´Brilliantly twisty and makes for a thrilling, unputdownable read but is also so insightful about human nature: her characters, with all their flaws and secrets, are utterly real. A triumph´ Lucy Foley

´I´m not going to lie! Adele Parks takes you straight into the heart of her characters. Her twists about human nature form the icing on the cake´ Jane Corry

´The gripping, visceral portrait of the disintegration of a marriage take the "didn´t-see-that-coming" plot twist to new heights ****´Heat

´A gripping and unpredictable read hiding some deliciously dark secrets and lies´ OK
Tarne 3-6 nädalat
13,29 €
Tavahind: 13,99 €
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