Made with Salvaged Wood

35 contemporary projects for furniture & other home accessories created from recycled wood
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Create cool and contemporary furniture and home accessories with 35 simple projects that fully utilize the beauty of salvaged wood.

Follow Hester van Overbeek´s tutorials to make a huge variety of innovative items for the home. There are stylish and functional desks, shelving units, side tаbles, storage ideas, and much more. Make an eye-catching side tаble out of a slice from a tree trunk, on-trend air plant holders, and a tаble that really showcases the patina and unique qualities of scrap pieces of wood. You will learn to develop useful DIY skills including sawing, sanding, drilling, and various techniques for treating wood, so even complete beginners will soon become confident wielding tools! Whether your home is a stripped-back studio apartment or a homely cottage, there is something for everyone here, and you’ll soon be hunting for interesting salvaged wood wherever you go.
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