Path of Night (The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Novel #3)

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Half-witch, half-mortal sixteen-year-old Sabrina Spellman
has made her choice: she's embraced her witchy roots, and
her power is growing daily. But will it come at too high a price?

It's not easy being half-mortal, half-witch. At least, not forSabrina
Spellman. She just discovered that her dad is Satan ...
and that it's her destiny to rule Hell.

As usual, Sabrina's got other plans for her future. She's figured
out a way to trap her father ... but he's caged in the body
of her boyfriend, Nick Scratch. Now the love of her life is stuck
in Hell ... with Satan stuck inside him.

Sabrina knows there's a way to get Nick back while also keeping
dear old dad out of commission. She just has to figure out what
it is. Unfortunately, her loyal cousin Ambrose is unavailable as
he's off hunting Father Blackwood, the evil former head of the Church
of Night.

Fortunately, Sabrina's still got her mortal friends, Roz, Harvey
and Theo. So when her aunt Zelda - now the church's highpriestess
- mentions an ancient quest that might help open
the gates of Hell, Sabrina and her friends are all in. But Zeldafailed
to mention that the quest has some perils of its own...
Tarne 7 tööpäeva
10,44 €
Tavahind: 10,99 €
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