Pitching Ideas

Make People Fall in Love with your Ideas
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As art directors, programmers or project managers we are good at designing beautiful products and we offer good services. We always know exactly what the user wants and we know dozens of methodologies. However, if we have to convince our customers and colleagues, we find it very hard. For one reason or another pitching ideas is one of the most undervalued practices in our field of expertise. From convincing a colleague to opt for a certain methodology to persuading a customer to go for a certain concept. You can have the best ideas in the world, but if you are not able to bring them across, they will never become reality. In this book Jeroen van Geel takes you inside the heads of the people you have to convince. You will find the essence of you want to get across and really convince the right people. The book is full of examples drawn from his experience in the creative field, which can just as easily be applied to different sectors.
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