Breathe Special List Journal

100+ ways to understand the present and plan for the future
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Lists - some people live by them, others scorn them. Chances are if you have picked up this journal, you are in the first camp. But do your lists begin and end with the day´s tasks, all to be ticked off before your head hits the pillow in the evening? It´s natural to be focused on the everyday realities of life, but sometimes it can be valuable to stop, take time out and remember the people and places you´ve loved, the activities in which you can escape and the adventures you would like to go on - these personal reflections and aspirations can form new lists to guide you to a more creative, more mindful and more fulfilling future. This list journal is divided into five sections - Escape, Living, Mindfulness, Creativity and Wellbeing - each of which provides you with the opportunity to explore the past, present and future. It can be opened at any page of any section and used as a done-that as well as a would-like-to-do guide to help you achieve your goals and live your dreams. There are also pages for you to create your own lists, ask questions and jot down ideas while extra room has been left for you to describe the music, literature, events and people who have made up the significant chapters in your life.
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