Ecommerce Website Optimization

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For those running ecommerce websites there are three ways to increase sales: increasing the quantity of visitors; increasing the percentage of visitors who buy from the site and increasing the amount that visitors spend when they buy. Ecommerce Website Optimization goes beyond simply increasing traffic to your site, helping you to improve the conversion rate of your website to attract more customers, increase ROI from online marketing campaigns and generate higher levels of repeat business. It brings together website usability, web analytics and persuasion to offer a straightforward and detailed 5-step methodology of how to use the tools and techniques of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to increase the conversion rate of ecommerce websites. Practical yet expertly grounded in the latest theory and research, this will take you from making judgements based on hunches or best guesses, to well-informed and confident to make the right choices for your website.
Backed up with a range of invaluable case studies, Ecommerce Website Optimization is perfect for those seeking to implement a data-driven ethos to their organization´s ecommerce programme, based on market-tested and robust split-test methodology used across a range of commercial businesses. It supports all those responsible for online sales within an organization, be they the Chief Digital Officer, Head of Online Sales or Ecommerce; or entrepreneurs and owners of small businesses deriving a substantial proportion of revenue from ecommerce.
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