The Room by The Lake

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Caitlin never meant to stay so long. But it´s strange how this place warps time. Out here, in the middle of nowhere, it´s easy to forget about the world outside. It all happened so fast. She was lonely, broke, about to give up. Then she met Jake and he took her to his ´family´: a close-knit community living by the lake.

Each day she says she´ll leave but each night she´s back around their campfire. Staring into the flames. Reciting in chorus that she is nothing without them. But something inside her won´t let go. A whisper that knows this isn´t right. Knows there is danger lurking in that quiet room down by the lake...

About the Author

Emma Dibdin grew up in Oxford, and now lives in New York. She is a writer and journalist whose work has appeared in Esquire, Marie Claire, Harper´s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, and Total Film. This is her first novel.
Товар распродан!