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Simple Happy Parenting KK

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Create space for calmer, more creative kids and restore order and happiness at the heart of family life.
In Simple Happy Parenting, Denaye Barahona Ph.D. provides a revolutionary approach to parenting, full of practical steps to help you tackle
what can sometimes feel like the system overload of modern family life and instead create more time to enjoy living and learning together.
From easier meal planning to mindful shopping, worry batching to waste reduction, Simple Happy Parenting is an honest and practical roadmap for all families striving for balance. Discover how a curated toy cabinet will foster imaginative play; structured, nourishing meals will create relaxed family dinners; and providing simple, positive discipline strategies to strengthen family relationships.
Not only will these straightforward solutions allow your children the space to progress and thrive, this mindful approach to family life will provide you with more energy, calm, and joy.
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