The Korean K-Drama Cookbook

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Eat like your favorite K-Drama TV Stars!

If you´re a fan of Korean dramas, or simply a fan of Korean food, then this book is for you! Here you´ll find 61 delicious recipes for classic Korean dishes, including those you may have seen on your favorite K-Drama shows; including:

Make the Buchimgae Pancakes featured in Episode 3 of Crash Landing on You, when a group of nosy neighbors use a gift of pancakes as an excuse to inspect Jeonghyeok´s new fiance
Make the Spicy Noodles in Black Bean Sauce that Jun-wan and Ik-sun enjoy on their date in Episode 7 of Hospital Playlist
Make the Spicy Braised Tofu that Hye-jin stuffs into Ha-nee´s mouth in Episode 3 of Was It Love to make him stop talking

In addition to the easy-to-make, fully illustrated recipes for main and side dishes, you´ll also find recipes for Korean cocktails and tasty snacks to enjoy while you´re watching TV!

Features dishes seen on:
Itaewon Class
Crash Landing On You
One Spring Night
Hospital Playlist
She Was Pretty
What´s Wrong with Secretary Kim?
It´s Okay Not To Be Okay
The King: Eternal Monarch
Mystic Pop-up Bar
Familiar Wife
Record of Youth
When the Camellia Blooms
Hi Bye, Mama!
Something in the Rain
Romance is a Bonus Book
Was It Love?
Tarne 7 tööpäeva
22,75 €
Tavahind: 23,95 €
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