The Line

An Adventure Into the Unknown
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A deceptively simple adventure into the unknown using only paper, a pencil and a single lineWreck This Journal had a simple premise: destroy the book in all the ways you can imagine.The Line is even simpler: find pencil, start a line.As you move through the pages of Keri Smith´s newest book, you´ll be asked to let your line meander, explore the book´s gutter, and jump around the edges of the pages. You´ll hide your line, cut your line and even let someone else take over your line for a bit. The farther you get into the book, however, the more you´ll discover that maybe things aren´t as simple as they first seemed. The line has a mind of its own, and it´s up to you to discover what´s at the end of the line (hint: it´s just the beginning).
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