The Runaways

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On the cusp of adulthood, three young people are about to make the most momentous decision of their lives.

Anita lives in Karachi´s slums - fearful that her fate is to serve the rich, until an elderly neighbour offers her an escape into another world . . .

Monty belongs to Karachi´s elite - his future is mapped out, until he meets a beautiful, rebellious girl . . .

Sonny is a Portsmouth teenager - he is suffocated by the love and expectation of his father, until his charismatic cousin shows him a way to be his own man . . .

These three paths are about to collide.

And when they do, Anita, Monty and Sunny will find themselves at the mercy of powers beyond their control, and faced with a choice that will change them forever.

´This is a bold and probing novel from a writer strikingly alert to something small and true´ Guardian

´Bhutto´s new novel will move you its profound wisdom and sharp grasp of our turbulent times´ Elif Shafak

´A shocking, moving, and deeply compassionate novel´ Vogue

´Stunning´ Sunday Times
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