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´Pip Payne is on a mission to help us eat well, without feeling we´re on a diet.´ - BEST

The bestselling Slimming Foodie is back with a fantastic new collection of slimming recipes. These dishes are as tasty as ever but even simpler to prepare, as they can all be made in one pot, pan, tray or dish.

The Slimming Foodie is known for her simple approach to food; she´s a firm believer that you don´t need to spend hours in the kitchen to deliver amazing results, nor do you have to completely change your eating habits to lose weight. With Pip´s clever swaps and cooking techniques, you can slim down while still enjoying all your favourite foods - it´s a modern weight-loss method that puts flavour first.

In her first book, the Slimming Foodie showed us how easy and enjoyable slimming recipes can be. Now she has made dinnertime even simpler by creating delicious all-in-one meals with surprisingly few calories. From flash-in-the-pan dinners to slow-cooked comforts, you will find something for the whole family to enjoy without fuss and with minimal washing up!

The Slimming Foodie in One is made up of seven chapters, each one reflecting a different method of one-pot cooking:
Chapter 1: In a Pot
Includes Pizza mac ´n´ cheese, Chicken lemon pepperpot and Jumbled cottage pie

Chapter 2: In a Pan
Includes Black bean & mushroom dal, Special chow mein and Kofta meatballs with harissa chickpea sauce

Chapter 3: In a Tray
Includes Bombay burritos, Rösti-topped fish pie and Cheeseburger balls with loaded chippies

Chapter 4: Soup-er
Includes Arrabbiata orzo soup, Salmon & miso broth and Chicken & prawn laksa

Chapter 5: In a Slow-cooker
Includes White chicken chilli, Coffee-rubbed barbecue pulled pork and Fakeaway doner kebab

Chapter 6: All in the Prep
Includes Tex-mex macaroni, Crunchy Japanese-style rice salad and Chickpea & tuna salad

Chapter 7: Jazz it Up
Includes Speedy preserved lemons, Ketchup with a kick and Veggie salsa verde
Tarne 3-6 nädalat
23,70 €
Tavahind: 24,95 €
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