The Theory of (Not Quite) Everything: the most beautiful and uplifting novel of 2023

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´Tender, unique and uplifting, it explores sibling love, romantic love and the love between friends. Such an accomplished debut´ - Beth O´Leary, bestselling author of The Flat Share

´Gorgeous´ - Rosie Walsh, bestselling author of The Man Who Didn´t Call

Like circles of a Venn diagram, Mimi and Art Brotherton have always come as a pair. Devoted siblings, they´re bound together in their childhood home by the tragic death of their parents.

Art believes that people - including his sister - are incapable of making sensible decisions when it comes to love. That´s what algorithms are for.

Mimi knows that her brother is a mathematical genius. But she believes that maths isn´t the answer to everything. Not quite. Especially when it comes to love.

Still, when Mimi begins her search for a soulmate, Art´s insistence that she follow a strict mathematical plan seems reasonable. The arrival of Frank, however - a romantic stargazer who is definitely not algorithm-approved - challenges the siblings´ relationship to breaking point. As their equilibrium falters, Art´s mistrust of Frank grows, but so do Mimi´s feelings. Something about Frank doesn´t quite add up, and only Art can see it . . .

The Theory of (Not Quite) Everything by Kara Gnodde is a tender, intelligent and uplifting novel about brothers and sisters, true love in all its forms, and how life is more than just a numbers game . . .

´My book of the year . . . Smart, funny, tender´ - Kate Weinberg, bestselling author of The Truants

´A delightfully clever tale of first love, loss and an unforgettable sibling relationship´ - Marianne Cronin, author of The One Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot
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