Vogue on: Calvin Klein

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This book reveals how Calvin Klein created a fashion brand that made understated, all-American glamour his own – at the same time as building a vast billion-dollar empire that includes everything from pants and jeans to perfume and pillows.

A master of minimalism, Klein’s clothes have been beautifully documented in the pages of Vogue over the years by the world’s starriest photographers, including Terry Donovan, Herb Ritts, Snowdon and Nick Knight. While Vogue also reflected the public’s fascination with his film-star handsomeness, glamorous marriage and divorces, bi-sexuality, drama and stints in rehab, the magazine understood that Calvin Klein’s success lay in the very opposite of excess: ‘His clothes simply offered women practical elegance and cool, understated chic’.

This is the ultimate handbook to an American icon.

About the Author

Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni is a Paris-based British writer and journalist. After writing a column for Andy Warhol´s Interview magazine in New York, she left for Paris in 1989, where she assisted Karl Lagerfeld in the Chanel Studio. From 1991–1999 she was at Women´s Wear Daily and W magazine and was European Editor of American Harper´s Bazaar until 2004.
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