What's The Big Deal About First Ladies

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In this chapter book filled with fun facts and historical trivia about first ladies, civic-minded young readers learn just how important it is to "Remember the ladies!" and all they have done for America. A perfect way to start a conversation about the White House and the people who live there with young readers.

Did you know that Mary Todd Lincoln hated slavery and helped to end it in America? Or that Edith Wilson helped decode secret messages during World War I? How about that Sarah Polk didn´t let anyone dance in the White House while she was first lady?

It´s true! In addition to being hostesses, advocates, ambassadors, activists, patriots, and role models, each first lady put her own stamp on the White House--and on our country. In this fun-filled, fact-filled book, you can find out just what made each first lady unique and why they were so important. As it turns out, first ladies are a pretty big deal after all!

This entertaining, fact-filled book, perfect for fans of the Who Was series and Rad American Women from A-Z, is a great entry point to discussing all aspects of the White House with children.

With full-color illustrations throughout and a timeline of first ladies and additional reading resources at the end, this book is a perfect introduction to the amazing first ladies throughout American history.
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