E-raamat: The 7 Words of Creation

Meckron Seraph  (Author)
The ancient World was created with the 7 Words of Creation, which are in the form of 7 magical artifacts. When a person weilds it, it gives the bearer an enourmous power to change the Allness. Long time ago, the Words of Power got split into 14 opposites... One day, an ordinary 14-year-old boy, named Joshua, finds a mystical pocket watch under an old bench in the park of a small town. It seems a perfectly normal watch, although it is showing the wrong time. When he accidentally drops it in the coffee shop, something happens! The coldness arises and he relives a few seconds of that moment twice. The time on the watch had changed. Does the watch really show the wrong time? Or is it the only „right time” in the world? Who`s watch is it? These questions drive young Joshua to find answers. In passing days, when he tries to grab on to the normal school-life that he used to believe was everything real in the world for him, he suddenly meets a mystical young woman, arriving with the eclipse. With her beautiful brown hair and unexampled gloomy amulet, she grabs him, pushing him against the wall, telling him that she is from the Coven sent to protect him and that she is called sister Kayden. She tells him that there are people after him, dark people with unnatural power, to claim the Watch - the Seventh Word of Creation – for their own, and suggesting him to run!...
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  • Product code: E9789949977796
  • Added: Oct 2, 2018
  • Author: Meckron Seraph
  • Year of publication: 2014
  • E-book distributor: EDRK
  • Publishing company: Divites Publishing OÜ
  • Format: epub
  • ISBN: 9789949977796

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